Quality control

Quality control, Food safety and Traceability

Processus de distribution de Groupe Éthier qui produit, emballage, entrepose et livre ses produits.

Groupe Éthier works to provide quality control at all times, which earned its reputation for reliability. We joined the certification program for food safety on the CHC “CANADA GAP” farm. A standard that brings great benefits to our farm and packing center and that we established with our partners-producers. “We have qualified personnel on the road, which rigorously checks the quality of products we offer to consumers.” Each product is sorted, washed, weighed and packaged according to specific quality standards before being shipped to customers. Knowing where vegetables come from, how it has been produce and where it is carried by the following is our goal!

We have at heart the respect for the environment and healthy vegetables. Our responsibility as a packer leads us to monitor the products used for production inputs, both on our farm than among our producers. We have implemented a system of communication and data processing more efficient to do so. The new information technologies are omnipresent in our organization. They facilitate the work of all and Groupe Éthier is pleased to meet the requirements of traceability and quality / safety control of all its products.

Constantly stimulated by new trends in packaging and the vegetable, Groupe Éthier invests in research and development of new technologies and new packaging products.”

” We are open to changes and innovations and we are proud of the improvements we bring to the industry. ”